The movement

Every year 85 billion PET garlands are thrown away, 6 billion pounds of plastic are thrown into the oceans.

“If the use of plastics in the world is maintained, by 2050 there is more plastic than fish by weight at sea.”

We aim to create a new, more conscious form of consumption and alert to the environmental problem caused by the overuse of disposable plastic, thereby helping consumers to create reusability habits and to make a practical commitment to preserving the environment.

"My job is not just what you see, it's essentially what you can not see" Xico Gaivota

ECO is partnered with Xico Gaivota, a Portuguese artist, deeply involved with the environmental cause. With a strong connection to the Sea, it has always actively promoted the collection of Oceans plastics, creating unique pieces of art, without ever manipulating the fragments it reuses.